The PMO Hub

We manage your Portfolio’s, Programmes, Projects and PMO’s

The PMO hub has extensive experience in the IT industry delivering and managing global Portfolios, Programmes, Projects, and Project Management and Support Offices.

We connect the best available talent in Floowid networks to deliver comprehensive solutions for clients and their end clients.

Program and Project Management staffing

We have a network of partners and service providers that we can engage to provide a turn-key solution to your program and project management staffing needs. These are delivered as a turn-key packages service so that you don’t have to manage the risk of delivery, have the hassle of recruiting or retaining staff beyond the completion of the project.

Consulting, Contracting, and PMO Solutions

The PMO Hub leverages the Floowid Organisation business model to apply the best available talent to solutions for your business. 

We provide a wide range of Portfolio, Programme, Project and PMO management solutions to help you change and improve your business. 

Helping you to achieve business change through the following constructs:

  • Consulting:  We provide solution formulation, assessment services and best practice guidance. regarding business delivery
    • Contracting: We help you deliver Portfolio’s, Programmes, and Projects. We help you manage Project Management Offices (PMO’s).
    • PMO Solutions: We provide a comprehensive set of PMO solutions, tooling and training. Including in-sourced, outsourced and multi-sourced PMO’s.
    • Floowid Accounting: We can help you with your professional service business and programme accounting needs

    Transform Your Business

    We can help you to design, develop, and deliver improved strategic Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and PMO management practices.

    With over 28 years of industry best practice experience, award winning methodology design expertise and a proven ability to deliver Globally Consistent Methodology Adoption. We can help you to

    • simplify business delivery complexities,
    • ensure strategic imperatives are delivered and
    • optimise working practices to deliver business results.

    Using proven Organisational and Business Change Management techniques and approaches, we can increase your likelihood of business change success 10 X (Ten times).  

    Great explanation from Linked-In Learning of what a PMO is – Do their course

    Customised to your needs

    Our services include:

    Consulting, Contracting and PMO Solutions in the following areas;

    Portfolio Management : Helping you ensure strategic initiatives are identified, prioritised, aligned and executed to achieve your business strategy.

    Programme Management : Whether these are internal initiatives, new service developments or client facing programmes, we can ensure their smooth and controlled delivery through to full business benefits realisation.

    Project Management : Complex technology solutions, Service \development, Software Development, Technology Refresh or Business Change. Our passion is project management, and ensuring your projects are delivered successfully. Project Management is now a specialised skill, which when applied correctly delivers tangible and rapid real business results and benefits, using scarce resources. 

    PMO Management : Very few businesses plan to have only one Portfolio, Programme, or Project, almost all expect to have several running concurrently and need these to be managed, integrated, governed and delivered in a consistent and controlled manner, locally, regionally and globally. Achieving this vision and outcome is complex, but we can help you to simplify this journey and achieve control through proven tools, techniques and talent.

    PMO Solutions : We deliver quick start “out of the box” PMO tooling solutions; customised to your business requirements. These are based on our PMO-as-a-Service (PMOaaS) model. This pay as you use service is built using a range of industry cloud based components, which have been tailored and integrated to grow with you as your Portfolio, Programme, Project and PMO practices mature.

    Training : We and through our training partners, offer a broad range of training courses, specifically aimed at improving and enhancing Project Management skills, with an emphasis on the relational or “Soft” skills needed to achieve business outcomes in addition to the standard project management 101 training. 

    Training Options

    Successful Dialogue

    Teaching verbal communication skills that achieve the desired outcomes from difficult discussions. 

    Business Negotiation

    Teaching practical skills for ensuring win/win results in business negotiations. 

    Business Change Management

    A proven approach to increase the likelihood of organisational change success 10 fold. 

    Personal Change

    A behavioural approach to achieving long lasting personal change 

    The Professional Services Challenge

     Business simulation which entrenches a clear and detailed understanding of how a successful professional services business operates and how to manage the complexity simply. This helps teams formulate and work towards a common operational model. 

    Team Ball

    A unique training approach using MBA theoretical models, to rapidly create a common business language across a management team. This improves communication efficiencies and develops common understandings within a team.

    Project Management

    Core skills for portfolio, programme, project and PMO delivery

    We are here to help

    So whether you need advice or delivery help with

    • Portfolio, Programme or Project Delivery
    • PMO Management
    • PMO or delivery methodology design and tooling
    • Business Change

    We are here to help and ensure your success