Stategetix (Strat-a-jet-tics) is a consolidation of service companies and partners who work together to address a client’s strategic needs for achieving successful Business Change.

They combine their talents and approach change from a wholistic position with the understanding that there are 6 key sources of influence which need to be addressed to achieve any lasting change and that at least 4 or more of these sources of influence need to be aligned and simultaneously implemented to achieve a 10X success probability. This is the core reason why Business Change often fails where Strategetix succeeds.

Strategetix can also help enable and equip your staff to support and achieve long lasting business change.

The PMO Hub

The PMO Hub provides a unique method for resourcing programmes and projects. For each programme or project, they will help you to define the skills required, where they need to be located geographically and then recruit a flexible team to deliver a successful project as a packaged engagement. No hassle no fuss whether the projects is a global IT deployment, an event, or a business change.

The PMO Hub are specialists in establishing global operational and delivery practises and Project Management Offices (PMO’s), and delivering complex global programmes across international boarders and multi-cultures.

Floowid Accounting



At Floowid Accounting we don’t just do books we do business.

So what’s different?

We provide a bespoke service that fits your business as opposed to your business needing to fit a traditional accounting practice. We seek to improve your business outcomes and not simply provide bookkeeping or accounting consulting. We leverage the latest technology and software to maximize the agility and business gain for your business while improving governance, compliance, and business control for you. We will assemble a team that is right for you and your business.

We offer a range of packages to meet any requirement. Each package is customisable and scalable to meet your specific needs.